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Jos Museum was founded in 1952 and it is situated near the Jos Zoo in the heart of the city. The museum offers collections such as Nok terracotta heads –
Ile-Ife is considered the birthplace of Yoruba civilisation, where people still worship traditional deities at revered spiritual sites. At the 18th-century Oòni's Palace...
The centenary hall was built by the Egba people to commemorate their one hundred years story of peaceful existence at Abeokuta after the inter-tribal wars.
The Memorial Museum contains paintings and sculptures telling stories of the...
Home to an amazing collection of objects and illustrations unfolding the legendary story of Fela Anikulapo Kuti.
The Badagry Black Heritage Museum housed in the former district officer’s office built in 1863,
Retaining its original structure with minor renovations to reflect the taste of time
The museum is a centre for education, entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment. It has on display archaeological, ethnographic and craft shop units. Other features include the hair-do centre, barbing salon centre and relaxation centre. In the craft shop, there are various forms of artworks for sale ranging from beads, candle stand, frames in different shapes, aso-oke, […]
The Kanta Museum is located in Argungu and is situated close to the main market. It was the Emir’s palace from around 1831 to about 1942
Located in the city center around King's Square is the Benin City National Museum. Home to a large number of artifacts that trace back to the Benin Empire during the twelfth century, this museum will give you a great look into the history of this city. The museum displays a number of bronze statues, terracotta pottery and other housewares as well as a number of cast iron pieces.
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