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This is a 2km natural tunnel in Dashi, Kwatarkwashi district of Bungudu Local Government. This tunnel is wide enough to accommodate three people walking...
Long before it became a tourist attraction, Kwatarkwashi Rock was a place where the locals worshipped a powerful spirit that they believed dwelled on the rock.
The Bakolori dam is a massive structure built on the Sokoto River, a tributary of the Rima River.
Located in Dagona village of Bade LGA, this sanctuary is where birds of different species from Europe and other continents of the world come to roost during winter.
Ngel Nyaki is home to a population of the rare and endangered Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee.
Mambilla Plateau is a plateau in the Taraba State, Nigeria. The plateau is Nigeria's northern continuation of the Bamenda Highlands of Cameroon.
The palace is home to the Sultan of Sokoto, the traditional and spiritual ruler of the Sokoto Caliphate who historically holds the most important Muslim position in Nigeria.
Jaja of Opobo (full name: Jubo Jubogha; 1821–1891) was the first known Nigerian richest man, nationalist, a merchant prince and the founder of Opobo city-state.
Finima Nature Park is a 1,000 hectares land of freshwater swamp forest lying along Nigeria’s southern coastal area in Bonny Island, Rivers State.
Yakubu Gowon Stadium (formerly Liberation Stadium) is a multi-purpose stadium in the Elekahia suburb of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
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