Trip to Ikogosi – Hot and Cold Spring

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My name is Damilola Ogundele. A native of Osun State, Ilesha. I am a female and in my 20s. I am based in Ogun state, Sango ota. I am an entrepreneur and into fashion accessories and I also love talking about relationships and share my videos on social media, you never know who I am helping ? I am presently serving in Ekiti State. 

Errmmm, I wouldn’t say I am a keen Nigerian tourist, I am just a lady that loves having fun. Serving in Ekiti was what made me go to Ikogosi even though I had always wanted to go while I was little. Actually, it was a friend that brought up the idea so out of boredom we decided to visit. 

The history of the spot is quite a tale! I asked our tour guide what brought about the warm and cold water and the story goes as follows. 

A long time ago, there was a powerful king who had two powerful wives. The first wife is very hot tempered while the second wife is cool headed. There came a day when both wives had an argument, they were shouting and screaming at each other, then the first wife left the palace and went into a forest, the forest was close to the palace and she turned herself to warm water, the second wife also left the palace angry and turned to cold water. The king knew what happened and turned himself to a rock at the meeting point where both water meet in order to always protect them. 

We were told they knew the source of the warm water because the first wife didn’t go far before changing herself into warm water. The second wife however, went farther into the forest so no one knows the source of the cold water, even till date. Believe what you want but I thought that was a lovely story ? 

Getting to Ikogosi was straightforward from town. I took a cab which went through major roads and took about 45minutes. I enjoyed the drive because the route we took was very mountainous so very scenic and spectacular views all the way. 

Oh, another interesting bit of the journey was I got to see mud houses!!! I know some of you may be thinking ‘so what’s the big deal’, for me it was a big deal considering I’m a city girl and only see them in movies. 

Getting to the gate was not too bad, a little hilly but fun and once we got there, we booked tour guides who were very friendly and professional. They told us the stories, showed us around and were extremely pleasant. 

There is so much to do at Ikogosi. There are beautiful rocks and tall trees. There are swimming pools and oh the water is warm (The first wife’s water. LOL). 

I’ve been to other pools in the past and after swimming for a short while, you begin to feel the cold but this felt different, because the water is naturally warm. The temperature is just perfect and swimming in a warm pool is fun trust me as I didn’t want to leave, it just felt different ?  

There is also a bar and a DJ stand and as an aside, I remember this woman who sells drinks, biscuits and the likes. There is another woman who sells pepper soup; OMG it was peppery. I loved it I even asked for more. I am craving it now that I think of it. LOL. It was to die for sha! 

I went as part of a group. I would suggest you go in group or with a friend so you guys can talk and take pictures together, snap one another, climb the rocks together, feel the water together, swim together just have fun together. 

I feel it might get boring if you go alone. Be careful while climbing the rocks, my friend hit his leg on a stone and got injured so be careful. 

I would advise anyone going there should wear a comfortable foot wear, trainers or something ideal for hiking should do the trick. 

Also, go with a camera or a phone with a good camera for pictures so you don’t miss the amazing views. Then go with your swim suits you wouldn’t want to miss out swimming in a warm water pool. 

My best feature was the feeling of the warm and cold water. I walked through both water, one part is warm another part is cold and the middle, that is the meeting point, is lukewarm. Amazing feeling it was. Then having to swim in a NATURALLY warm water, gosh that’s an experience! I didn’t want to leave J. It was a great feeling. 

Worst memory; I did not have bananas to give the monkey in the cage. It was painful. Oh, I didn’t mention that. There is a monkey so anyone visiting should go with bananas. LOL. 


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