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Idanre Hill – Magnificent Beauty

Prior to this trip, Badagry and Olumo rock have won my heart in terms of organization and attitude towards visitors. On sighting me at the gate, the 5 of them parted their lips, letting out different shades of smile. It was obvious they were all happy as I immediately felt welcomed.

Nanna Living History Museum

Everywhere you look, there is history, from abandoned buildings to your grandparents’ photos. History is all around us, living and waiting to be discovered. Let me take you into the world of the Living History Musuem of Chief Nanna Olomu in Koko, Delta state. I knew I had to visit

Ladi Asiwaju Dada in African Drums Festival

  Oladipupo Asiwaju Dada is a Nigerian, an indigene of Ogun state. He was born in Lagos in 1968. He studied fine art at Yaba College of Technology and earned the Higher National Diploma in Scupture in 1996. He worked as an illustrator/visualizer/art therapist and a lecturer. Asiwaju Dada excellently

Trip to Ikogosi – Hot and Cold Spring

My name is Damilola Ogundele. A native of Osun State, Ilesha. I am a female and in my 20s. I am based in Ogun state, Sango ota. I am an entrepreneur and into fashion accessories and I also love talking about relationships and share my videos on social media, you

Olumo Rock – Fun & Adventure Amidst History & Legend

In our last post, we told you EVERYTHING you need to know about the ‘animazing’ Sumu Wildlife Park in Bauchi. In this post, relax and read about the legend that is Olumo Rock because this tourist destination does rock! ?    Just like a song, in the midnight tales and the stories told to

Nigeria Is Where Lovers Meet

I have been in Nigeria now for a good part of 3 months and when VisitNigeriaNow contacted me about sharing my experience on their platforms, of course I jumped at it because what is not to share, it has been a crazy, amazing experience and definitely one I will keep