Agbele Rock Formation Trip

An exciting trip and a chance to hike the world famous Agbele Rock Formation with a group of fellow adventurers!



DESTINATION: Igbeti Village, Oyo State

DATE: 10th of November, 2018


MEET UP POINT: Challenge, Ilorin

PRICE: ₦5,000 ₦4,900 (Normally ₦5k – VNN applies 2% exclusive discount to all tours booked on our website)

FEE INCLUDES: Snacks, Drinks, Transportation and HD Photos

USEFUL INFO: This is a hiking/climbing adventure trip. Come with sturdy sporty shoes and dress light. Sunglasses and hats are important essentials. We are not tourist and this is not an “excursion” or “tourist travel”, we are going there to hike Iyamopo!

Igbeti town in the far flung northern axis of Oyo State is noted for its natural beauty with an undulating landscape featuring about 16 rocky formations of delicate and intriguing make up.

One of the most famous of them, which defines the town and its people because of its historical and cultural features, is Iyamopo Hill. But beside Iyamopo Hill, is Agbele Rock, which is very fascinating with its delicate balance. The physical representation is said to be that of a woman with a basket on her head and a child strapped to her back.

Legend has it that this rock formation was formed when a woman stole some yam tubers from a rocky part of the village which was being dried in the sunlight. And like Lot’s wife, she became a permanent fixture on the spot.

This enchanting rocky formation is said to be very dear to the people and has become a recognisable symbol of not just Igbeti and the Olorunsogo Local Area of which Igebti is the headquarters but also Oyo State.