Ibadan-Oyo-Ado Awaye Tour

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A long weekend is the perfect time to plan a getaway trip, especially away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Come, let’s take you to the ancient city called Ilu Oluyole. We are going to hike one of the historic hills in Oyo town, which holds one of the two suspended lakes in the world and explore the bubbly yet stress-free city of Ibadan. All you need do is show up, be ready to make new friends, create new memories and have endless fun…Picture perfect right? We make adventure fun.


DATE: August 10 -12, 2019


MEET UP POINT: Mobil Filling Station, Maryland

PRICE: ₦45,000 ₦44,100 (VNN applies 2% exclusive discount to all tours booked on our website)


– All entry fees, Daily Breakfast and Lunch , Branded T-Shirt, Accomodation (shared), Transportation, Photography, Goody bag

– Hike Ado Awaye hills

– See one of the two suspended lakes in the world

– Two nights stay at Ibadan City Centre

– Visit to O’dua Museum, Cocoa House

– Visit to the iconic University of Ibadan Zoo

– Fun activities at Agodi Park & Gardens

– Night life shenanigans

– High rise view of Ibadan city from atop the Bower’s Tower

– Finding the most sought after Oyo township meal – Abula

– Networking

Note: This is not a VNN trip. This is an Erekere trip which we are promoting on their behalf.

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