Tour of Badagry Town

Join This Group Tour & Experience The Historical Town of Badagry...Leisure is Also Guaranteed!



DESTINATION: Badagry, Lagos State.

DATE: 17th -18th of November, 2018

MEET UP TIME: 11am prompt

MEET UP POINT: National Stadium Surulere, Lagos.

PRICE: Single: ₦16,000 ₦15,680 | Couple: ₦30,000 ₦29,400 (VNN applies 2% exclusive discount to all tours booked on our website)


– Meals

– Tour of Mobee Slave Trade Museum

– Tour of Seriki Abass Baracoon

– A Sobering Visit to the Point Of No Return

– A Visit to the First Storey Building in Nigeria

– Explore Whispering Palms Resort

– Shared Accommodation

– Goody bags

– Snacks & Drinks

– Also a chance to Networking, have a Game Night & of course…Karaoke!!!

– Branded T-shirts will also be available on request.

We recently celebrated our independence on the first of October, and so many people had one or two things to say about why we are celebrating, if it is indeed worth celebrating.This trip takes us back in time to the land that is particularly known for its history and to make us appreciate the true meaning of freedom and being independent as an individual and as a country, I mean if you haven’t experienced the past, how will you appreciate the present…