VNN Oyo Experience

VNN is Visiting a Whopping 8 Destinations in Oyo! Click Book Now!


Oyo State holds lots of history and beautiful sites and destinations including one of the two suspended Lakes in the world, Ado Awaye. Remember, VNN don’t just bring people together, we give them experiences! We are taking you and other FunLovers to Oyo and also sending our content creators (photography) to capture this beautiful experience and we will be sharing the content with you free of charge. Secure your spot today with a ₦10K deposit.


DATE: 7th – 8th December, 2019

MEET UP TIME: 7:30am

MEET UP POINT: Ikeja City Mall, Lagos

PRICE: ₦30,000 (Family, Group & Couple Discounts Available on request)


– Breakfast & Lunch on Day 1

– Snacks & Drinks on Day 1

– VNN Transportation from Pick Up to Drop Off

– An Overnight Stay at a Well Presented Hotel

– You Will Be Paired With A Cool Roomie (You can pay ₦10K extra to have a room to yourself)

– An exploratory Visit to Ado Awaiye Hills & The Suspended Lake

– An exploratory Visit to Agodi Gardens

– An exploratory Visit to Mapo Hall, A Colonial Styled City Hall Perched on a Hill

– An exploratory Visit to Bower’s Tower

– An exploratory Visit to the National Museum of Unity

– An exploratory Visit to Cocoa House

– An exploratory Visit to Zoological Garden, University of Ibadan

– An exploratory Visit to IITA Forest Reserve

– VNN ‘Glow In The Dark‘ Cap (Worth ₦2,000)

– Networking Opportunities With Like-minded Individuals

– A Bragging Right to say You’ve Been on a VNN Experience!

* While every efforts will be made by VNN to get to all the aforementioned destinations, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case due to circumstances outside our control including some of them being close without prior notification.

Click Pay Now below to reserve your spot with just ₦10,000 or pay the full amount of ₦30,000 and get a 5% discount.