Getting Around Nigeria

Getting Around by Road

Nigeria has a good road network connecting the length and breadth of the whole country so wherever it is you need to get to in the country, a bus can get you there.

There are a number of coach services operating across the country and the easiest way to start your journey is to book online here.

You can also decide to hire a car and drive across the country, simply find a car hire service using google search. Most Nigerian roads have been mapped on Google Maps so the adventure you make depends on you…start now.


Getting Around by Air

Nigeria has 30 airports, five of which are functional international airports so moving around the country by air is another way to see the sights of Nigeria. We offer thousands of unbeatable deals on domestic flights so why not check out our Homepage to start your adventure!


Getting Around – Within A State

States in Nigeria have functioning public transport network so wherever you are in the country, you will find buses transporting people from one destination to the other.

Nigeria’s public transport timing is not as developed as you will get in some other countries so you still need to ask around to find where to get your bus, approximate fare, etc.

Nigeria has distinct taxis with each state having different coloured taxis. Lagos state for example is yellow while Ogun state is green, these are licensed taxis and relatively safe to hop in.

Also, in big cities such as Lagos, Abuja etc., Uber operates taxi services. Simply open the app and book away!