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Gurara waterfalls

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Gurara Falls is one of the famous tourist attractions in Niger state. The waterfall is located at Gurara, approximately 2 hours drive away from Abuja.

Known for its serene and tranquil surroundings, the Gurara Falls is toured by nature lovers from Abuja and other parts of Nigeria. This wonderful waterfall which is best described as Nigeria’s Premier falls is located at kilometre 76 along Minna Suleja road.

From Suleja to the junction is about 45 kms while from the junction to the falls is about 2 kms. The cut off road that leads towards the fall is newly tarred and a visitor is allowed through a makeshift gate after paying N500.

In the dry season, the water has about six fall points, but the whole cliff gets covered and falls at one powerful point during the rainy season. The foam from the gushing waterfall forms a kind of snowy white mist above the river. The water gathered at the bottom of the fall turns to a river, it flows fast and disappears from sight, hidden by the vegetation.

A lover of nature can, however, enjoy time spent at Gurara. In the absence of facilities, a shoe with a good grip is best or going barefoot (before the weather gets hot) would suffice for walking on the rocks. It is also better to carry one’s refreshments; food, snacks and drinks.

Lovers of nature would find the  environment captivating with green lush vegetation interspersed with little hills. Its serene environment makes it a perfect get away spot for picnics.”

Location: Gawu-Kafin-Adunu-Beni Road, Nigeria

Getting Here: Geographically located in Niger State on the road between Suleja and Minna.

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