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Nanna Living History Museum, Koko

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Nanna Olomu was an Itsekiri chief and merchant from the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria.

After his exile to Accra by the British, he returned home to regain his throne before he died. He was the fourth Itsekiri chief to hold the position of Governor of Benin River.

His palace in Koko is now a museum showcasing some of the items he owned. There are swords and walking sticks he received as gifts from the British Empire.

His dining table appears to be in impeccable state with beautifully carved chairs and fine utensils and dishes from a time long gone.

For more information and to find out a first-hand visitor experience to this historical destination, check out this well written blog post by a member of the #VNNMovement community.

Location: Koko, Delta


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