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Sango Festival

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It is a special day used to celebrate Sango, a popular Yoruba deity who was believed to possess supernatural powers.

The festival was rebranded as World Sango Day by the Oyo State Government to signify its international celebration. The festival plays host to visitors from all over the country and followers from foreign countries like Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Sango was the third Alaafin-king of old Oyo empire. He took over from his brother Ajaka who was regarded as weak. During his reign he was constantly fighting battles with other towns. He mistakenly destroyed his palace with lightning which brought about the end of his reign.

Sango is widely referred to as the God of thunder. He ruled Oyo kingdom for seven years and married three wives Oya Oba and Oshun. He is worshiped on the fifth day called ojo Jakuta. His followers like to wear a red attire which was his popular clothing.


Location: Oyo State

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